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Company advantage
Focus on this industry for many years, has a wealth of experience and strength, our choice is to choose a more convincing companies.
Product advantage
Screening and testing raw material for more than 10 processes, make sure it safe and eco-friendly. We have stable supply from over 100 material suppliers in China. This includes all materials suiting for making baby shoes.
Service Advantage
The progress of orders will be sent to you by photos at any time. You will know the production of orders well. Meanwhile, we can adjust and optimize the order according to your reasonable advice. So that baby shoes we make can totally match your needs and

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Zhejiang Camp-shinning New Material Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Organoclay Rheological Additives with the annual capacity 30,000MT. We have a professional development, production, marketing and after sales service team. As a leading manufacturer and exporter...

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What is the nature of organoclay?

Organoclay are manufactured by modifying bentonite with quaternary amines, a type of surfa...

Classification of Bentonite?

There are two basic types of bentonite, sodium type and calcium type.

What is bentonite?

Bentonite clay is a fine-grained rock composed mainly of montmorillonite minerals. The for...

How about the production process and qua...

The production process and quality control process of our Organoclay Rheological Additive

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Normal Work

Normal Work

We are on normal work after Chinese Spring Festival holiday since Feb.5, 2017.

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